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3 features of Jaunty’s recruiting support

  1. 1 Recruitment support

    • We will run along with the customer thoroughly
    • Except for some planning tasks, we perform visualized tasks in the customer's office
    • Consistent support from recruitment strategy formulation to achievement of recruitment goals and follow-up after joining the company
  2. 2 Flexible support for
    various environments
    and constraints

    • Provide services that comply with various internal rules, such as compliance and information security
    • There are no restrictions on the media, the system, the vendor, etc.
    • Eliminates current inconvenience and contributes to productivity improvement
  3. 3 "Your values"
    × “Our recruitment success experiences”
    = "Construction of a new method adopted by your company"

    • We have been successful in designing strategies and tactics in various industries and occupations
    • Maximize your unique values, develop and embody the strategy that is best for you
    • Together we create a new recruitment method assets unique to the customer

Service area

We support recruiting teams and activities of companies and organizations.

Organization development to establish recruitment

  • Start up a recruitment team and support reconstruction
  • Draft recruiting strategies and plans, and support formulation of the persona you want
  • Support the design of recruiting business infrastructure
  • Support for all sorts of recruiting activities
  • Support finding and introduce recruiting partner, and making relation
  • Supply other knowledge

Support for successful recruitment

  • Branding, support improving recognition, discover target human resources
  • Support event management
  • Support selection operation
    (design and execution of selection of human resource)
  • Follow-up support
    (Design and execution support of how to be chosen by candidates)
  • General support for recruitment activities (constant review)

Service cycle

We will flexibly define service areas in consideration of customer issues.


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